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23 February 2016


The Night Jesus Spoke To Me.

Fellow Nigerians,

Jesus Is Real. Be patient and read Biko.

I had a divine dream last night, and Jesus has sent me with this message to you.

It was clear to see that our Lord and Saviour is deeply worried about His Nigerian Creation.

He had instructed me to tell you all, that Nigerians should NOT substitute prayers for hard work. The whole of chapter 2 of the Book of James corroborates this, especially verses 18, 20 and 26. It says faith (prayers, night vigils etc) without (hard) work is dead. No be me talk am o, na the same Bible wey una dey carry.

It was clear in the vision I had last night that Jesus is not happy with Nigerians. Most Nigerians now live in the church 24/7 from Monday to Monday, wives have abandoned their husbands for night vigils, everyone is praying for miracles and miracles and more miracles. It’s either this or for God to strike their enemies dead and all those who steal their luck.

Jesus is so very upset with Nigerians’ prayer requests and shopping list, always calling His Name for the most trivial matters, things that would come to them naturally without sweat were they not a lazy and an unthinking bunch.

The one that really gets to Him, as He told me, is when some evil men and women parade themselves as God’s messengers deceive their congregation for their own personal aggrandisement, promising heaven, money, husbands, children and wives. Titus chapter¬†1:10¬†talks about this.

Fellow Nigerians, Jesus wants His good name back! Naijas have so bastardized the name. He wants Naijas to put the creative and entrepreneurial mind He gave them to work and stop chasing quick fixes. He wants an upgrading of our work ethic.

He wants to see genuine love for our neighbour’s, not lip or eye service kinda love.

He had asked me to warn those in leadership to be mindful of where they are stirring the country to or face His wrath. He said this present administration has just a few good people in it but they must stand firm before they become polluted. Jesus said I should tell them that He’s giving them till the end of this year to make a meaningful impact otherwise….

Incase you’re wondering (like am still dazed myself) why its me Jesus should be talking to when we have the likes of Adeboyes, T,B Joshua, Pastor Kris Okotie, etc. Well, I was surprised too, and as if He read off my bewildered thoughts of “Why Me” on my face, He just gave me this hard look and asked me to go to work at once, calling my attention to Matthew 7:21-23. Go and read it to see what it says.

As a matter of fact, at some point my thought was…does He want me to start a church, why is He entrusting this duty to me, abi Him want me to begin preach? Of course it’s Jesus now; so He knew what I was thinking and replied my inner thought saying as far as He’s concerned, I already have a church, a mega congregation of youth and families that I touch with my messages, that in case I don’t know, I am already preaching and this is why He came to me because He reckons that I have the platform He can use to get the word to the people.

Who then am I not to run the errand of Jesus? So I got up, and began to put pen to paper.

I’m not sure I have successfully communicated the disgust and disdain Jesus expressed when He spoke to me last night but am only hoping that this my gentle appeal to you all goes into the very fibre of your beings like a two-edged sword, and cause a true change of heart and attitude in all and sundry.

Jesus try o, Him still dey send message, if na me CharlyBoy, na hot koboko go land some people kini.

Anyway sha, give Jesus a wiper.



2 Responses

  1. Hahahaha. Charly Baba. Jesus has spoken well through you. Those of us in the fold who have seen the same when we speak to people on social media about the rot, they attack us with “touch not God’s anointed” and am like this anointed has missed his way, and they say “It is not your calling to be correcting someone that is above you spiritually”. And am like ahhh with what yardstick did you people measure this above me spiritually? Is it with the physicality of their earthly acquisition and noisemaking made from dubious messages taught the people? In fact even any Imam and Babalawo will see the rot in our fold. Am glad you brought it to light again. It means there is confirmation.

  2. James Pam

    Charlyboy, Jesus handpicked u cause He knows u can deliver His message effectively. I encourage u to draw nearer to Him through plenty of Bible reading and prayer. Don’t go near intoxicating substances. Denominations have turned Christians into church slaves instead of God’s kingdom workers. Women are particularly susceptible. Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and Apostle Morgan have prophesied similat time frame given to Nigeria to get her act right or face God’s wrath. I suspect that Jesus showed you what would happen by year end if we fail but you couldn’t reveal it. He will reveal more to you. Please don’t be afraid to release all His message. The world will not smile at u but that is beside the point. You must submit and serve you Creator and Lord faithfully. Rev. James Pam,

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