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03 January 2015


I have always said, that the good Lord gave each and every one on this earth, a gift.

Imagine getting a Perfect gift for someone special. You are thrilled when that person delights in your gift, but what if that someone obviously does not appreciate the gift? For me I will obviously feel crushed? It is only when we discover what our individual gift is all about that we can truly live our lives on purpose. Some of us have died not knowing what our special gift was. Some have had people practically dragging the gift out of them, some stumbled on the eureka moment, while some from birth have walked on the path of their gift.

The largest population in Nigeria as you are aware,  is the youths. This are usually people in the age bracket of 18 -30. They are youthful and exuberant and above all hopeful that life will be fair to them and reward them for all their energy. However a lot of them get frustrated along the way when they realize that the last thing life is going to be is fair especially when armed with their certificates, they enter the labour market and realize that there are no jobs or resources out there waiting for them. Unfortunately, a lot of them become disgruntled and frustrated. The harsh level of unemployment in Naija is throwing up, dangerous trends, but also making people LOOK deeper inside. When our  certificate can no longer secure for us a job and a decent future, what do we do? We turn to our SABIFICATE.

Lord gave each and every one on this earth, a gift.

Sabificate is when people stop depending on their certificate and start to focus on what they know how to do best, what they find joy in. In other words, sabificate is your God gift to you of natural intelligence and innate ability/abilities.   In Naija today, we no longer celebrate certificates, but rather some of us are rediscovering our lost SABIFICATE, until you sabbi, you no go fit discover; until your gift is discovered, your destiny may not be recovered. Wallaiii.  Some people excel despite their inability to get an institutionalize qualification. Our youths need to develop native intelligent. We need to develop our Sabificate. This is something like a picture but not probably well formed, something from God because it is innate, that you have to develop from a raw negative to a full blown picture.  People need to ask themselves what it is that they are good at, those skills that they possess that can be tapped and turned into an entrepreneurial skill. If you’re good in cooking, that’s your Sabificate, if your good in football and you’re passionate about it, that’s your Sabificate, if you’re good in welding iron and stuffs, that’s your Sabificate. There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a business person.

as long as we remain tenacious, consistent and focused in the pursuit of our dreams.


I am proud to say that I have helped a lot of people discover their SABIFICATE.  Self-discovery comes in different guises, it could be through a friend, that’s why I tell people to make friends with those who they can learn from, those who can enhance them. It could be from an idea that has been nagging at you for long that you have just rested on the self. The singular quality we must cultivate is belief in self. Like I always say, a belief in self will definitely give you the impetus to venture, to be more curious, to try without just thinking about failing. Fear of failure is what stops a lot of people from starting but failure is healthy and it can be a good thing, because it gets you to try try and try again. I have met a lot of young people who more or less where at a crossroad, looking for values to aspire to, leaders to follow and dreams to dream, and like I tell as many that want to hear, most things are possible as long as we believe, as long as we remain tenacious, consistent and focused in the pursuit of our dreams.


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